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Our girls: seal point - Candy Kisses and blue point Cutie P'Tooty

GP Pennyrock's Walnut Wascal of D'Elo relaxing at the show

Dam: GC Kittkat QT Queam Puff of Pennyrock, DM - Walnut's mom

GP Pennyrock's Walnut Wascal of D'Elo

CH Pennyrock's Xaphire of D'Elo - Is retired and living with Estelle in NJ.

Sire: GC,RW Pennyrock's Vega Xaphire's dad

GC D'Elo's Almost Heaven
Xaphire's daughter, will be taking her Mom's place in our breeding program shortly.

Buttonball's AC/DC of D'Elo
Our new fondation male - Thank you Marc & Diane!!!!!!

GP,RW Purrty Katz Alabama of D'Elo
9th Best Premier in Region 1
Thank you Brian Gravitt for our wonderful boy.
He is such a joy to love & show.

Sally, the love of my life, is a 6 year old Torti Pt. Himmy. The first time I looked in her big blue eyes I fell in love!!! Thank you Diane for our "sweeter pie".

GC D'Elo's Zooty P'Tooty & GP D'Elo's Zuperman
Zooty was 14th best Birman kitten nationally 2002-2003 show season.
 Zuperman was 2nd Best Birman premier region 1

This is "Sassy", our retired Somali, who is living the queen's life with Kevin in Virginia.

Josie, our 6 year old rescue. She is the greeter!!!
Josie now lives happily with Barbara in Essington, Pa.

GP D'Elo's Boomerang
all grown up
Boomer now lives with Maxine & Steve in North New Jersey

Bubba, our 15 year old rescue. He loves the show hall and has taken many best cat rosettes in the CFA household pet class. Bubba is also a TICA Grand Master. Bubba went to the Rainbow Bridge in May of 2004.

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