Pretty pillows for your pampered kitty
for more information or to place an order contact: Chris Watts @ CW11200@aol.com

Lots of useful cat information for all kinds of kitties www.i-love-cats.com

We are a member of the National Birman Fanciers - a breed club devoted to the Birman-visit them @ for more www.vcnet.com/valkat/nbf/bfml.html information.

Sacred Cat of Burma - also devoted to the Birman cat. www.scbf.com

Our cattery is registered with The Cat Fanciers Association. Their website offers information & tips on cat care, show information, breed standards and much more. www.Cfainc.org

A List of Birman Breeders by state can be found @ www.birman.net/bonline/ Click on the Birman ads for a partial listing of available cats & kittens. This is not a personal recommendation of any particular breeder - just a source of information.

If you like Persians & Himalayans be sure to visit the Playwickey Cattery website and take a tour- www.Playwickeycats.com

Spay & Save Feline Rescue
I also do volunteer work for this very worthwhile no-kill rescue organization. They are non-profit and totally volunteer; rescuing, fostering & placing cats & kittens of all shapes & sizes. Please stop by their web site.

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